General data

  • Total area: 203 000 sq.m.
  • Land plots: from 3 000 sq.m. to 18 000 sq.m.
  • Existing ready-to use buildings


Parameters of the land plot:

  • Industrial and logistics activities
  • Zoned land with finalized procedures according to Pleven city plan
  • Coefficient of intensity: 1,6
  • Density: 70%
  • Height up to 15 m

Infrastructure availability:

  • 2 MW free power supply with a potential to increase of up to 12 MW
  • Own substation on the site
  • Connectivity to medium and high voltage grids
  • Water and sewerage connections
  • Telecommunications
  • Possibility for own railway line in the property
  • Possibility of gasification
  • Internal road network

Industrial Park Pleven is the first green industrial park in Bulgaria.

The greatest advantages of the park are as follows:

  • Тhe park certified as an industrial park in 2023 from the Ministry of Economy and Industry;
  • Вe could deliver EUROPEAN GRANT FINANCING (EU FUNDING) through participation in the Public Support Program for the development of industrial parks;
  • Тhe park is supported by the Municipality om Pleven , as well as Bulgarian Investment Agency;
  • Green energy 5 MW supply is provided.

We are flexible and reliable partner who offers:

  • Sale of properties and existing buildings;
  • Leasing of properties and buildings;
  • Built-to-suit solutions with extremely short construction terms (from half a year to 1 year);
  • Full management of an investment project.